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Jean Claude Biver: Kudos to HublosOnce i wrote inside a post for the 29th of November 2004, involvement of the brand's CEO can be a mighty marketing weapon. Not simply Angelo Bonati (CEO Panerai) got used to it, also Jean Claude Biver of Hublot seem to know how it works. Hublot, and that is present around the TZ forum since may 2005, is addressing a good winded post with a dissappointed customer of the All-Chocolate Hublot Big Bang watch. Forum moderator Mike Margolis (also Sales Director of Hublot for North-America) and Jean Claude Biver (CEO Hublot) give a fair response to fellow TZ visitor and Hublot-fan Ron (a.k.a. WatchRon). The whole post by Ron is usually read here: http://forums.timezone.com/index.php?t=msg&goto=3867474&rid=37687#msg_3867474.Simply speaking, Ron ordered an 'All-Chocolate' Hublot Big Bang wrist watch, as pictured below. This watch was introduced over the Basel 2008 expo in Switzerland. Essentially, it is deemed an all-brown Hublot Big Bang (44mm) . A minimum of replica calibre s watches , that's operate was presented in the Basel fair. About the TZ forum, Ron complains how the watch she got delivered happens to be not all-brown.. The chronograph used is red and also the date disc is white. Both should be brown, in accordance with the prototype that has been demonstrated to him. Ron had sent this watch to Hublot to get the correct brown resale and date disc wheel. Free of charge.Both Mike Margolis and Jean Claude Biver react within the message posted by Ron, praoclaiming that they may be terribly sorry which was purely a small business decision to deliver out these not-so-brown replica watches, because not all parts started in punctually at Hublot. Dealers wanted it now, they did not worry about this info. Correct or incorrect, up to you ?It truly is clear that JC Biver with the exceptional Sales Director of the USA produce a large amount of respect and goodwill amongst Hublot (Big Bang) adepts by participating actively on TZ. omega wrist watches Note: replica watches Mike Margolis had been the Hublot Forum moderator, this is currently created by AMR_KSA. Wanted info Ron. replica audemars piguet millenary pianoforte watches
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